Presenting MenuMagic Plug-in Manager

MenuMagictm is an enhanced plug-in manager for Cakewalk’s Sonar Digital Audio Workstations that takes the concept of plug-in management to whole new levels. With MenuMagic you can organize your audio plug-ins (VST, VSTi, DX, DXi) quickly and easily – enabling you to manage your plug-ins more efficiently and thus use your plug-ins effectively within your DAW.

MenuMagictm is designed to support Cakewalk’s DAWs such as Sonar or Project 5 and allow you to control how your VST & DX plug-ins will appear within Cakewalk’s Instrument and Effects menus. 

MenuMagic supports Sonar, Project5 and Cakewalk DAWs that is capable of using the VST Adapter.
Click here to see a list of supported DAWs.


With MenuMagic you can:

  • Create custom plug-in layout menus and assign them to any of the areas where a plug-in menu is used such as the SynthRack, Track Effect Bin, etc..
  • You can even create custom menus for each area.
  • Sophisticated Name Fixing tools allow you to perform individual, group or global cleanup and renaming actions. Make your plug-ins easier to identify by cleaning up funky menu names.
  • Identify and resolve problems with duplicate plug-ins. MenuMagic gives you the tools to identify duplicate problems and fix them!
  • Identifying newly installed plug-ins or plug-ins NOT currently assigned to a menu makes updating your plug-in menus easy and keeps newly added plug-ins from getting lost in the crowd.
  • Backwards compatible with older versions of Sonar, Project5 and any Cakewalk DAW that uses the VST Adapter! 
  • Synchronized plug-in organization between Sonar, Project and other Cakewalk DAWs.
    Have songs locked into old versions of Sonar or created in Project5?
    MenuMagic can synchronize your plug-in menus between these DAWs to make switching between them easier.

These are only a few highlights of what MenuMagic can do to improve your Sonar experience.
Click here to see a more detailed list of MenuMagic’s features

Click here to see videos of MenuMagic in action.

With MenuMagic you’ll spend less time managing your plug-in catalog
which means more time for your music.