MenuMagic Testimonials

Here just are a few of the comments that we have received from our customers:
Note: This page is new and temporary and will be replaced the finished version shortly.

  • 1.1 is working great here , and my P5 experinece is one hell of allot more pleasant latley!!
    TX for a great product!
    - posted on KVRaudio forum.
  • Awesome product, by the way. It will make using Sonar 5 PE SO MUCH EASIER regarding dxi and vst plugins!!!
    - posted on KVRaudio forum.
  • I've been using this prog for quite awhile and it's a very nice app. Works very well.
    - posted on Cakewalk forum.
  • I bought MenuMagic yesterday. It integrates well with P5. Great organizer! Thanks.
    - posted on Cakewalk forum.
  • It's saved me a load of time organising what can be a very confusing menu plugins!
    - posted on Cakewalk forum.

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